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  • Sunuva, where were you when I needed you?

    Sunuva is a luxury children’s swimwear brand I discovered recently and immediately feel in love with.  The designs are colourful, tasteful, stylish and at the same time maintain the charm and innocence of how kidswear should be.


    For girls who embrace beach chic, bold watermelon and tropical prints are sure to make a statement, while those who are more whimsical will adore the boho-inspired and Mexican folk prints. For boys, intrepid explorers will love the camo star, toucan and crocodile prints inspired by the jungles of Costa Rica, whilst classic linens and chic Riviera prints are a must for snappy dressers. The collection also boasts a range of stunning accessories including cool caps, pretty espadrilles and beach bags, as well an expanded sizing range with selected prints now available for babies aged 3-6 months.


    Best of all however is that Sunuva is proud to have its UPF 50+ swimwear range validated by the British Skin Foundation, the UK’s leading researcher of skin disease and cancer.  The swimwear is made from the highest quality fabric which blocks out over 97% of the sun’s harmful rays and meetings stringent Australian / New Zealand guidelines.


    Gone are the days of horrid navy or black protection suits that made my kids loathed wearing and for a very good reason….

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  • Hey!

    It’s been in my wardrobe for many years - the breton striped t-shirt. A perfect basic, classic, easy to combine and a strong history.

    The traditional breton striped shirt in fine knit with a 3/4 sleeve or longer, a boat neck and has 21 navy and white stripes. Each stripe represents one of Napoleon’s victories.

    The Breton stripe was designed for French sailors - The stripe to help find sea-men who fell overboard. It then went on to be officially added to the uniform of the French marines.

    The legend that is Coco Chanel then got involved. She fell in love with the look of the sailors (would ya blame her?!) and was often seen wearing the stripes and added them into her collections. This was in the 60’s with the likes of icons such as Marilyn Monroe, Jackie O, Brigette Bardot and Picasso often spotted donning stripes - today a wardrobe staple.


    Our new collection of Breton Featherlight Cashmere Sweaters are a very natural addition to the Rae Feather brand - with simplicity comes longevity. Classic pieces with staying power that will take you everywhere, through every season. I hope you love the colours - Pink is my fav!!

    Happy Weekend! xxx


    Book of the Week


    Just get this! It is brilliant!!!!

    Album of the Week

    71a0rDoOgNL._SY355_PJautoripBadge,BottomRight,4,-40_OU11__Paul Carrick has been around for decades. He has played with the likes of The Pretenders, The Smiths, Mike and Mechanics to name but a few.

    He is soulful and so easy to listen to.

    This album is lovely! Hope you enjoy!

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