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  • About 8 years ago all my family sat around together to plan a city trip that would mix culture, shopping, eating, drinking and a little luxury. It got a little rowdy so it was decided that each of us would write the name of the city on a piece of paper and it would be drawn out of a hat.

    My choice was Istanbul and I won the draw!!

    The trip was incredible and ticked every single box. We stayed in a hotel over looking the Bosporous with delicious lunches and dinners on various pontoons watching the comings and going of super yachts, ribs, day boats and International cargo ships. Truly fascinating!!

    The Bazaar was more inspiring than I could even begin to describe. Once I got over the heckling, I found myself totally immersed in the culture. I loved the people. I found them warm, welcoming and humorous. Thus began my little love affair with Turkey.

    A few years later I attended a detox retreat in Bodrum. It was run by a gorgeous girl, Kate Marriott. Her company Revive Wellness,  was basically juicing and raw eating for 7 days... the results after just one week were astounding.

    Due to the nature of my detox trip I didn't get to explore too much so decided a few months ago to go back to Bodrum. We stayed in a new hotel, Caresse Resort. Situated 10 mins outside Bodrum and one of a few new 5 star resorts recently opened, Caresse did not disappoint. The hotel overlooks the Algean Sea with stunning views across the bay. From the minute you walk in it feels uber relaxed. Masses of comfortable seating areas and quiet corners. Wonderful friendly service, amazing Spa (you must try a Turkish Bath treatment!!) and relaxed, delicious dining - try the Fried Aubergine with Pomegranate!!!!

    At night it livens up with the recently opened Buddha Bar which attracts The Beautiful People coming in off Yachts (great for people watching if you'd rather not get involved?). Also…magnificent sunsets!!

    My room was spacious and really comfortable but to be honest because outside is so beautiful I was rarely there. Water taxis's operate and will transport you across the bay to the charming town centre for late night shopping and some beautiful traditional restaurants. One's really worth visiting are Orfoz and Mimoza - incredible!!


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  • About a year into launching the monogram basket, I felt there was a need to create a monogram bag that served the same purpose as a basket but would become almost a “bag for life”. I was at a fair in Paris and met a wonderful lady who had just what I was looking for. After heavily admiring her collection, we got talking.

    canvas classic

    Sheenagh had worked for the UN. She had been sent to Bangladesh to educate and help implement means of birth control to women in remote towns and villages.

    For Sheenangh, this proved to be a major challenge in that the majority of the women she met had been brought up to believe their only job in life was to procreate. If they did not marry young, many were forced to become young sex workers.

    After much research, it was discovered that those who worked and were financially independent, followed advice regarding birth control. They felt valued and had a purpose outside that of giving birth.

    Screen Shot 2019-07-05 at 16.52.10 (2)

    She found a small group of women from rural communities who were fabric weavers. These women had little to no education. They married very young and by the age of 18 could have had 2-4 children. For many, this was the first time they had ever earned an income.

    Their salary really mattered. They could contribute to family expenditure for the first time, and their first priority when you ask them is always education, education, education of their kids and particularly their daughters, for whom they wish a life with far greater opportunities than they ever had.
    Canvas Straw Fringe

    The woven cloth was then sent to Dhaka to be tailored and produce the finished products. A number of the women making the bags used to be sex workers in the city. They were taken to a safe environment by the NGO and trained in tailoring by voluntary women groups. They are now paid, not only a fair wage, but get paid for over-time and have a regular health check offered to them on site by the NGO.

    I guess the essence of the above is to say how much it pleases me that as a brand, we can work with organisations like the above and give a little back. I should however add that most of what we do has an element of fair trade attached. Much of manufacturing for example, is done in India. When we first find factories, they are thoroughly researched. I ensure they operate in a very transparent manner. I ask for a tour. I engage with the work force and ask the necessary questions, to ensure we are working with reputable organisation.

    Support the community and shop canvas!

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