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  • At Rae Feather, we source baskets from all over the globe, Morocco, Portugal, Bali, France and quite recently started working with a company in Tunisia. I discovered them at a trade fair and the owner, Meriem, invited me to come and visit their factory. I'd never been to Tunisia so decided to make the most of it and explore for a few extra days.


    We flew to Carthage from Gatwick and after some research, I discovered the incredible Villa Kahina. The photos speak for themselves but it is truly unique.

    Set in a unique spot on top of a hill, overlooking the clear blue waters of Mediterranean Sea, in the classified UNESCO world patrimony village of Sidi Bou Said. The Villa emphasises on meticulous attention to every detail yet is soooo simple. White washed everything, contrasting with beautiful blue wooden shutters. The team were incredible. Friendly, relaxed and nothing was too much trouble.

    Five minutes from he hotel was the Souk. Small and intimate and a chance to stock up on herbs, spices and of course Argon oil!

    We ate so well but perhaps not very healthy. The first lunch was at Chez Franky - great fun. Delicious pizza and the perfect place to people watch.

    Tunisia may be Mediterranean, but the diet is not. Tunisians, with their penchant for oil and sugar which has led to soaring rates of heart disease, do not adhere to the almond and yoghurt-laced Mediterranean diet. The cornerstone of a Tunisian meal is bread, and the rest of the table will be groaning under the weight of additional carbohydrates: macaroni with potatoes, couscous, deep-fried potatoes and peppers mashed into a paste called Kefteji, sandwiches stuffed with French fries.

    La Villa Bleu restaurant is well worth a visit. Perhaps a little touristy and commercial but a charming place.

    Le Golfe restaurant on the beach serves delicious fish including shell fish.

    Here's what I packed to take away with me:


    Feel free to send over your questions, I'll see if I can help.


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