Rae's Journal: Edition 3



Dear Lumpy

"Dearest Lumpy,
I hope you are plump and well. Your mother bashed the car yesterday and chooses to believe it was not her fault..."

Dear Lupin was the wildly successful collected letters of the late Roger Mortimer to his son Charles (nicknamed 'Lupin').

In Dear Lumpy, Mortimer's charm and humour once again shine through in his devoted letters to his daughter Louise (the eponymous 'Lumpy').


The Lowland

An outstanding, Booker Prize 2013 nominated novel. The Mitra brothers are inseparable even though Subhash is serious, cautious and reliable, while Udayan is brash, impassioned, and rebellious. Both excel in their studies in their middle-class Calcutta enclave. This remarkable book follows them to college in America, and examine the dichotomy of 1960's America, and follows the brother's attempts to adapt to a new way of life. Once again, Lahori encapsulates the difficulties of living between two worlds, in a provocative but illuminating novel.



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