Rae's Journal: Edition 4

Special Feature: Lent Challenge

My lent challenge is almost over!

I cheated a little. I had a few glasses of wine...!!

Overall I was pretty good. Cut out all white flour - NO bread at all.

It is amazing how just cutting out bread makes a difference. My stomach is noticeably flatter. The diet is predominantly protein and vegetables. Fruit is full of fructose which is bad sugar so should be avoided. I also am food label savvy now. All foods with more than 5-6% sugar per 100 grams should be avoided. One of the most astonishing things is that low fat foods are often packed with sugar so we should avoid low fat and always go for the full fat option. I feel much better, my skin has improved and my eyes are clearer. I have noticed great improvement in my sleeping pattern - virtually uninterrupted sleep for 7 hours. Low sugar is not a diet. For me it is going to be a way of life. I will not deny myself of the odd chocolate bar or that slice of toast with butter however I think a 75/25 ratio is good.

I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Happy Easter to you all and I strongly advise lots of delicious chocolate treats!!!

Rae x

Book of the Week


This Summer - Roma Tearne

So beautifully written, I felt I was with her throughout the whole book.

An amazing read.



My album of the week

Michael Kiwanuka - Home Again

Outstanding and Unique Voice - favourite song "I'll Get Along".


My song of the week

I Wonder - Rodriguez

View video online

Restaurant of the Week

Bucca Di Lupo


The most delicious Italian food outside Italy - Utterly delicious everything!!!

Quote of the week


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