Rae’s Journal: Edition 6

Perfect Summer Shirts

Last week we featured at the Spirit of Summer show in London and were overwhelmed by the response to the collection. The resounding message was how impressed everyone was with the quality of our woven’s - the Kathy Smock Shirt, the Essential shirt, the Thomas David and the Artist Shirt in cotton and silk.  Many buying the same piece in all colour ways.

Crisp crisp fresh cottons in flattering shapes which you will reach for time and time again.

Rae x

Quinta do Loago Pop Up Shop

Very exciting news - we are opening our first ever pop up in Quinta do Lago, The Algarve, Portugal next week so if any of you are holidaying down there, please come in and have a look. We are featuring the Rae Feather collection combined with homewares/lifestyle products from my sister Helen Turkington who has shops in Dublin.

I will post pics when the shop is up and running.

Book of the Week


Think Like A Freak by Steven D. Levitt and Stephen J. Dubner

The Freakonomics books have come to stand for something: challenging conventional wisdom; using data rather than emotion to answer questions; and learning to think differently about how the world works. Now Levitt and Dubner have gathered up what they've learned and turned it into a readable and practical toolkit for thinking smarter, harder and different – thinking, that is, like a Freak.

Think Like a Freak offers a philosophy and a methodology, with rules like 'Put Your Moral Compass in Your Pocket', 'Don't be Afraid to Think Small', 'The Upside of Quitting', 'Just Because You're Great at Something Doesn't Mean You're Good at Everything' and 'If You Have No Talent, Follow Levitt's Path to Success.'

Thinking like a Freak comes in handy for everything from making oodles of money to wiping out diseases to getting your kids to visit you in the nursing home when you're old.



My album of the week

Adam Holmes - Heirs and Graces


My song of the week

Duke Dumond - I GOT U

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