Rae’s Journal: Edition 7

The Trousers Edit

I am a huge fan of linen and since the sun has come out I have been living in the Nancy 3/4 Length Linen Trouser. The half elasticated waste allows them to be flattering yet comfortable around the waist. They are very lightweight and therefore perfect for warmer climates.

The Erica Wide Leg Linen Trouser is flowing and elegant and great for taller girls however the design is meant to be drapy and flowing.

Our best selling trouser is the Easy Pleat Front Jersey Trouser. They are super soft, flattering for all body shapes and really really comfortable. Perfect for travelling or put on your favourite peep toe sandals for evening wear.

We have used the same jersey in the Ankle Cuff Stretch Jersey Trousers and the Nancy 3/4 Length Jersey Trouser. Again both very comfortable/flattering. The Nancy jersey is also lovely for yoga and pilates.

Rae x

Book of the Week


Princess by Jean Sasson

An unforgettable read.



My album of the week

Aloe Blac - Good Things


My song of the week

Coldplay - Magic

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