• Firstly, I apologise for the fact that we lapsed in the blog department in the last months but the good news is, we're back and I want to kick off with a trip we did recently to Essaouria, Morocco.

    Essaouria Streets

    Marrakech, as we know, has been at the forefront of many people’s bucket list over the past few years. It’s perfect for a mini break. Not too long a flight and you arrive in what is culturally a very different world. On my first visit I likened it to going on to huge film set. I was blown away by the colour, the people, the food, the architecture, the noise, the atmosphere, the diversity…

    We wanted to shoot 2019 Spring Summer Collection somewhere a little raw, colourful, atmospheric and most importantly we needed strong chance of good light/sunshine. Morocco in early March ticked all the boxes and we chose the coastal city (small city) of Essaouria, 2 and half hours north of Marrakech.


    Formally known as Mogador, the name means “The Picture”  in Arabic and it is a painters dream. Lots of vibrant colours everywhere.... bright blues, whites, pinks and oranges. The Port surrounded by sand stone walls contrasting with the colourful fishing boats.

    Along the port are masses of little outdoor restaurants. Important to note, none serve alcohol and they are all fighting for business so be prepared to be bombarded however, when you do make your choice it’s very calm. I would guess all are the same standard and same price.

    We stayed in Riad Malaika. The host was charming and the staff so helpful HOWEVER, the chef was off the scale. A 24 year old girl who was so passionate about cooking that from young age watched You Tube videos of really high end French chefs and is totally self taught. I rarely have eaten so well. We were all blown away.

    Check out their website for more details and arrange a stay! :

    Follow them on Instagram: @riad.malaika


    There are many Riads in Essaouria and I would strongly recommend staying in a Riad as opposed to a hotel. Instagram is brilliant for research. We shot in one of the loveliest I have ever seen - 5 columns. Owned and restored by an English couple.


    Check out their website for more:

    Follow them on Instagram! @5.columns

    In short, Essaouria is well worth a visit. I might even suggest a 2 stop trip. Marrakesh and Essaouria. Hire a car but BEWARE of very corrupt traffic police. Stick to speed and signs. They do not take credit cards - say no more!!!


  • For over quarter of a century, Jo Foley has been visiting and reviewing Spas, Sanctuaries and Wellness Centres on four continents and has written about them for publications as varied as the Financial Times, Conde Nast Traveller, Tatler, Harper’s Bazaar, the Sunday Telegraph, Vanity Fair and the Daily Mail and is currently the Spa Editor of Spear’s Wealth Management.

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