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What would be your 5 key tips to taking great style shots?

1) Rarely do baggy tops and baggy bottoms complement one another, so therefore will not show you in your best light. A tailored pair of cropped trousers worn with slouchy knitwear, or a loose shirt, bare ankles and slip-on flats is always a good look.

2) Lighting is the key to a good photo - indirect light in a well lit or naturally bright space works best.

3) Be relaxed, confident and be yourself. This is easier said than done but once you’ve mastered this, you’ll never look back (and thats not to say I have!)

4) Find an angle to stand at which is your most flattering and stand straight with your shoulders back. Mine is 45 degrees looking at the camera.

5) Its always good to smile, unless you’re good at the coy peeking-through-hair semi-unaware slightly surprised look!

What are your key inspirations for styling and clothing?

Mainly, the seventies. Ali McGraw, Francoise Hardy, Lou Douillon, Peggy Lipton, Jane Birkin, Bridget Bardot, Bianca Jagger, Marianne Faithfull. I’m also inspired by most Chloe collections, especially Spring/Summer 2015 as I mentioned earlier, Caroline De Maigret, Elin Kling and The Olsen Twins. They all own or owned their looks. Studio 54 imagery is incredible - this place saw so much fashion history. Streetstyle images from Paris, Milan and New York via The Sartorialist never fail to inspire, and the same goes for Pinterest.

What are your favourite pieces from the AW14 collection?

Oversized Cashmere Wool Coat_RW261_NAV (1)

The suede t-shirt and the suede jacket are huge favourites, especially in the shades of camel and caramel. Suede is going to be huge in S/S 15 after Claire Waight-Keller presented her S/S15 collection in Paris a few weeks ago, so invest in these pieces to be ahead of the game. They're a slice of 70’s luxe. I’m also pretty obsessed with the Draped Cashmere Cardigan - it can be worn with most things in my wardrobe. These are all investment buys but pieces which will last for years and years.

What are your thoughts on the Constants collection?

The Constants collection is fool-proof. All pieces are wearable together, with each other or independently of each other, with high-trend pieces, so no one can make a bad decision when your wardrobe is made up of these staple items.


What are the most important things you look for when finding the perfect brand for your style?

I buy what I love. I am often influenced by trends and generally recreate them using high street alternatives, because they are such good quality now, but it should always come back to what you love and what suits you. As long as you make decisions based on what you love, you can’t go wrong.

What are your tips to having a successful blog?

Be consistent, be real, be original and don’t give up. There’s no point trying to mimic someone else. No one falls for it because its not genuine. Don’t show off, name drop or brag - they are all very unattractive qualities which will eventually turn people away. Just be yourself.

Who or what would be your biggest inspiration when thinking of Feathers & Frills as a brand?

Its definitely a combination of everything which has influenced me. I like stripped back, unfussy, meaningful and honest content, high quality imagery and products which I genuinely wear or use. Building a brand is about every decision and choice you make and whether it fits with you. I haven’t consciously built a brand where I’ve had a plan, so my brand pretty much epitomises me and my choices and hopefully, everyone who reads my blog appreciates this.

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Roll Neck Cable Knit Poncho

Roll Neck Cable Knit Poncho

Oversized Wool Cashmere Coat

Oversized Wool Cashmere Coat

Notch Neck Long Sleeve Shadow Stripe T-Shirt

Notch Neck Long Sleeve Shadow Stripe T-Shirt

Suede Cardigan

Suede Cardigan

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