Have you heard of TED Talks?

It’s Friday - phew!!

A few weeks ago I was having breakfast with a friend talking about children's education and she told me about a lecture she had listened to on Ted Talks to by Sir Ken Robinson (I'll come back to Ken Robinson).

I interrupted instantly with the question, what is "Ted Talks"?  She looked at me in shock, saying "you've never heard of Ted Talks??!!".

So basically...

About Ted Talks

The first talk I listened to was by the aforementioned Sir Ken Robinson, his talk was titled - "How Schools Kill Creativity" (see link below). His point being that schools should nurture creativity as opposed to stifle it - fascinating!!!

If you do nothing else this weekend, have a look at www.ted.com

A great start is to perhaps have listen from the 20 most popular TED talks http://www.ted.com/playlists/171/the_most_popular_talks_of_all

Loved the one from Cameron Russel - Looks aren’t everything. Believe me I’m a model.


Happy weekend


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