The Hammam Towel

I discovered Hammam Towels many years ago on a trip to Turkey and ever since have been a collector. The Hammam Towel was and is a large part of the Turkish life. They have been a tradition in the Turkish baths for centuries, are used on a daily basis within households and on special occasions... at the ceremonial bathing of a bride before she got married.  I loved the colours, the simplicity, the softness  the ease of use. So we recently  launched our own collection of  towels. They seemed like the perfect partner next to the monogrammed baskets. They come in a variety of colours and if you wish they too can be monogrammed - also a great present.

hammam 1


The Rae Feather Hammam Towel

  • Our Hammam towels are made in Turkey and are 100% cotton, making them super soft and great quality
  • They’re perfect for when you jump out the shower, they’re a generous size and they’re super absorbent - Not to mention the amazing colours they come in!
  • The towels are perfect for when you’re travelling as they are light weight and compact, taking up only the room of a t-shirt in your suitcase
  • They can be used on the beach, as a bed throw, a table cloth or table runner and a bikini cover up/sarong

There is no need to clog up your linen closet with thick and spongy towels, use our thin and colourful Hammam towels to spice up your bathroom and maybe even go all out and personalise them x

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