Winter Walks E.2 : The Gallops & Bow Brickhill Woods, Milton Keynes

The Gallops & Bow Brickhill Woods, Milton Keynes


I never realised until I had my dog three years ago how wonderful and relaxing walks can be. It now seems funny to me that I never went for evening strolls until I had my precious, Barney.

The best walk in Autumn has to be in the woods and seeing the glorious ever-changing colours of the trees. However, in the summer after work I enjoy nothing more than a walk through the mile long field where wheat is sown, grown and then harvested. My two favourite walks with Barney are Bow Brickhill Woods and walking through the wonderful fields around my home. The Gallops which is further 2 miles of glorious fields with horses randomly trotting by. The sunset is outstanding if you catch it right.


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.48.42


The morning walks are peaceful except for the odd rabbit and fox that I see, which tends to lead to a frantic Barney.


Screen Shot 2014-11-19 at 10.48.17

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Cold, wet and rainy - that’s what it’s been like the past few weeks here and therefore all I want to be is warm and comfy! I usually just throw on my light grey Roll Neck Cable Knit Poncho, a pair of my oldest jeans and a pair of wellies and away I go. The best way to stay warm and comfy at the same time!!

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