Kids Personalised Beaded Bracelet

Kids Personalised Beaded Bracelet

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Kids Personalised Beaded Bracelet

Introducing our Kids Personalised Beaded Bracelet, the perfect Christmas gift or stocking filler for a little one! Personalise it as you wish, name, saying - your choice!
  • Gold plated beads
  • Acrylic letter beads
  • 5mm
  • This item is made to order, therefore delivery will be 1 week.
  • Returns or Exchanges will not be accepted after 6 Weeks of the Purchase date. Ensure you read the Care instructions prior to wearing your jewellery.


Care Instructions for 14KC Gold filled Beads

Sweat, water, and cosmetics are a no-go for your jewellery! Exposing your jewels to these elements will cause them to tarnish, make sure you remove your pieces before exercising, swimming, or showering.

Avoid using creams or spraying perfume directly onto your jewels, this will accelerate the tarnishing process. When using perfume, we advise applying your scent first and putting on your jewels later as the last step before you go out.

Give your jewels a safe home! Store jewellery in the original box or pouch, in a cool dry place, this is the best way to prevent tarnishing and damage when not being worn. We are committed to using high-quality, affordable materials. Please follow instructions to ensure you can continue to wear pieces time and time again.

Over time, the plating may fade. Please do not shower with your items. If your items do begin to tarnish, this can be caused by a metal-to-skin oil reaction. As each person's body oils make different metals react differently, Sadly it is not our responsibility to return or exchange your item.


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