Rae Feather x The Fashion Lift Collaboration

Hi Everyone

I hope you are all well and enjoying beautiful Autumn. 

I could not be prouder and happier to launch our first collaboration with Fran Bacon or as many of you know her The Fashion Lift.  

I have known Fran for about 5 years through instagram and she is someone I have grown to have true respect for. Fran is passionate about retail. She has experienced knowledge of the industry and understands so many aspects of the day to day challenges relating to running an online business. Over the years we have become friends and I soon discovered that Fran takes each and every project she works on very seriously. We had talked about doing a collaboration a few times and when we finally decided to make it happen, it flowed and was a total joy to put together. Thank you Fran x

A Q & A, compiled just allow you to get to know Fran a little more... 

1. You haven’t always been an “influencer” tell me a little about your career path.

It has been varied, I began in a luxury PR agency straight out of university, then worked in HR at Chase Manhattan Bank for 5 years until my need to be creative led me to pursue my dream of working in Buying. I started working as an Admin Assistant in John Lewis Buying Offices Childrenswear department in my mid 20s, it was my dream job. I quickly worked my way up to junior buyer, I adored the relentless pace of retail, creativity and the people I worked with, it was my happy place. 


2. 5 pieces you can’t live without

Jeans, Cool Trainers, Cashmere jumper, Western Heeled Boot and a Beautiful Blouse.

3. If you had £500 to spend on one piece of clothing what would it be ?

A beautiful camel cashmere coat or the perfect jeans.


4. In your wardrobe right now what is the piece you’ve worn most over the last 3 months

My Rae Feather tracksuit - genuinely!

5. Fav sneaker brand

Adidas sambas are my current favourites.

6. Fav brand of all time.

Tricky I love so many but I adore the quirkiness of Miu Miu.



 7. As a maturing woman are you enjoying your wardrobe

It’s forever evolving as my body changes which throws up its challenges, but I also find it exciting, moving my style on in slightly different directions makes doing what I do interesting.


8. You are known for your honesty and integrity which I believe has earned you such a loyal audience. Was that always your aim…

My blog and Instagram started so organically, I never had a business plan, I never thought of it as a job, I was sharing my hobby and honestly that’s still the case.

9. If you weren’t doing what your doing, what would you like to be doing?

I would go back to buying in a flash. 

10. 3 things you’d tell your younger self.

Back yourself
Set boundaries
Don’t take everything so seriously

11. Dream Day and your wardrobe on the day.

An afternoon on the beach, reading, listening to the sea, stopping by a beach bar on the way home late afternoon for a drink, wearing swimsuit, denim shorts, flipflops. Then shower, dress in a beautiful red summer dress, flat tan sandals and gold accessories for a meal on a terrace with family and friends surrounded by sparkling fairy lights with great food, lots of wine and laughter.


RF x The Fashion Lift collaboration launches 15th November 7am.