Saltee x Rae Feather

As we enter the peak summer holiday season, it can feel like the anticipation for forth coming adventures can almost be as exciting as the travels themselves.

A few weeks back, we teamed up with the luxury suncare brand Saltee to offer one lucky winner the ultimate bundle in travel essentials.

The luxury prize comprised of:

An exclusive personalised Rae Feather Camilla Basket filled with:

☀️ An array of Saltee SPF for the face & body

☀️ A Le Hat to stylishly further protect you from the sun’s rays

Both brands offer more than just products. There is a shared brand essence that fast forwards you to your perfect sunny adventure; whilst reminding you of previous transformative travel experiences.

Following our successful collaboration, Saltee's Co-Founder Patrick and I got together for an energising IG Live to talk everything transformative travel.

I am a huge fan of everything Saltee, for the most part we share the same mindset around the positivity that comes from open-minded, culturally curious holiday experiences.

At the beginning of the IG Live, I started with introducing my favourite bundle of Saltee products to the audience. Particularly, the summer range I had just taken away with me on a trip to the Greek Islands: Body Sea & Sun Formula, Tan Enhance Formula, The Weekend Duo, Saltee’s Hydrating Mist, and the Daily Protection Formula for the face.



Then I followed up by quizzing Patrick from Saltee on all things suncare.

Rae: Patrick, I love your Saltee products, from their beautiful branding to how smooth and easy to apply on the skin it is. Tell us more about the Saltee journey.

Patrick: Saltee is a luxury suncare brand from the UK – our office is here in the heart of Marlow. We are borne from a shared passion for life-changing holiday experiences. Saltee is a brand, a culture, and a mindset defined by transformative travel.

Rae: I love your Tan Enhance Formula. What are your SPF products made of?

Patrick: Tan Enhance Formula is a soothing body and face after-sun formula that works to prolong a healthy glow. One of our key ingredients is MelinOil, which helps stimulate your skin’s natural sun defences and prevents photo-ageing whilst boosting your natural glow for an all-year-round sun-kissed look.

Shortly after the start of the IG live the audience had some questions and participated in the Q&A.

Some questions the audience had:

Q: Can you use Saltee products to children?

A: Yes, given how we have formulated the Saltee collection they are suitable for younger members of the Saltee community – their skin can tolerate our Saltee products and be as protected just as well as mum.

Q: Are your Saltee products safe for sensitive skin?

A: Yes, the full Saltee collection is suitable for sensitive skin. All Saltee products are independently patch tested by a third-party laboratory to verify that they are suitable ‘for sensitive skin’. We advise that if you have particularly reactive skin, it's always best to test a small amount of Saltee to check that it feels as great on your skin as it has on other members of the Saltee community.

Q: Where are your products made?

A: All products in the Saltee Collection are made here in the UK.

Thank you, Saltee, for including us in your Summer Giveaway competition! I really enjoyed the like-minded collab and we can't wait for the next one. Congrats to our lucky winner, Laurie.

If you are still reading this, you are also a winner. Use promo code SALTEEWIN for 20% off your first purchase.