Interview with Sarah Chapman, Skinesis Founder

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I hope you are all well and enjoying the sunshine - very overdue !!

I am thrilled by your reaction to our summer collection and the good news is we have another drop launching next week. New Summer PJ and Robe sets - we've called them the "Summer Breeze Collection" and when we launch you'll understand why. Lots of really summery dresses and lots of new accessories. I am so excited about our latest additions to the basket collection - I won't say too much but suffice to say, they are soooo lovely. Keep an eye on my social media for launch date.

I try to make our blogs as informative and as interesting as possible. I have a wish list of people I'd love to interview. People I admire. People I truly respect and people that are interesting. Sarah Chapman was top of my list. At risk of sounding corny, Facialist to the stars, Sarah is the Queen of facials and her brand of skincare products are utterly  incredible. When I approached her she agreed to speak to the RF audience instantly. I'll leave the rest to Sarah. Enjoy and thank you Sarah, you are a marvel!!!! 

Tell us a little about yourself Sarah.

I’m a facialist and the founder of Skinesis skincare and the Skinesis Clinic in Chelsea, London. My mission is to help my clients treat the real-life skin issues they experience and achieve healthy, radiant and rejuvenated skin, at any age. 

In normal times, I’m always on the move – from performing facials in my Clinic, to meetings with laboratories and chemists and flying over to the USA several times a year to prepare my A-list and VIP clients for awards ceremonies. I’m very excited to be getting out and about again!

How did you get into the skincare industry? Is it something that you’ve always been interested in?

I’ve had a keen interest in beauty since school – I was always getting into trouble for experimenting with purpled-streaked hair and too much makeup. My first move into the industry was actually training as a makeup artist in fashion and special effects. My fascination with skincare evolved from this, recognising that great skin made the best canvas for great-looking makeup. Subsequently, beauty therapy, aromatherapy, hairdressing and massage training gave me the ability to take a 360° view of skincare and wellness and developed my interests. I learnt the intricacies of formulation while studying cosmetic science, which has been invaluable in my product development and communication with chemists. 

My early career in beauty included freelance treatment work with management in salons and health clubs and, later, leading skincare companies. This combined expertise led me to presenting on several TV shopping channels, where I could share insights into many beauty brands. 

At what point did you decide to open the Skinesis Clinic?

I started my own clinic almost by accident! Whilst I was employed as a beauty expert on a TV shopping channel, a facialist friend of mine asked me to take on her small list of clients as she was moving to Australia. I started with about five clients, working around my TV role, and then my client list began to grow very quickly and organically through people recommending me to friends. I took a small room in Chelsea and soon hired my first employee, gradually increasing my rooms and team over the years before outgrowing that space and opening my Skinesis Clinic in Sloane Square in 2015. We’re still expanding – this past autumn we opened Skinesis Medical, bringing doctor-led dermatological treatments, advanced aesthetic services and nutritional therapy under our roof.

What treatment would you recommend for younger skin and for older skin?

Sometimes it is not age that dictates the treatment, but skin condition. For example, two people both aged 30 may have very different skin needs due to genetic ageing, lifestyle and skincare. All treatments should start with thorough lifestyle, health and skin questions to determine which route to go down. In my Clinic we take this approach – whilst often it may be that a ‘younger’ skin requires more deep cleaning and an ‘older’ skin more resurfacing, nourishment and collagen stimulation, I tend not to formulate an approach based on age. 

A treatment that is suitable for all would be LED therapy, as it has a wide range of benefits and can be tailored to each client. Red LED rejuvenates and heals the skin; near infra-red supercharges cellular energy to counteract ageing, and blue light has anti-bacterial properties that support acne-prone skin. It’s also very relaxing – you simply lie under a light screen for half an hour and the device does all of the work.

In the last years it seems that skincare has become really advanced, why is this?

Skincare products are definitely becoming more technical in regard to their formulations and delivery systems. Part of this is due to scientific advances – skincare is a huge, growing industry and research all over the world is constantly discovering or creating exciting new active ingredients and technologies. Plus, new products need to keep up with clients’ quest for skincare perfection and their increasing knowledge. It is no longer acceptable to have one active ingredient for a skincare marketing story; savvy customers are looking for multi-functional skincare that delivers optimal results. Over the last year in particular, at Skinesis we have seen a huge surge in demand for our high-tech devices, as our clients have realised they can mimic professional treatments at home with scientifically advanced products like my Meso-Melt Infusion System, Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer, and Pro Pore Refiner. 

Meso Melt Infusion System Skinesis Sarah Chapman London

Pro Hydro-Mist Steamer | Sarah Chapman Skinesis Skincare

Pro Pore Refiner (

As a new customer, mid 50s with non-problematic skin, what 3 products would you suggest I buy?

It is hard to choose three, and it is a good idea to have a diagnostic consultation – which you can do on our website here – to determine your own personalised skincare. Generally, in your 50s there will be changes in terms of hormones, which can leave the skin dry and lacklustre with a rapid breakdown of collagen resulting in slackening skin. It’s vital to invest in a good night-time product – something that will work on the skin while you sleep and stimulate collagen and elastin to smooth out any fine lines and wrinkles. 

Overnight Facial is my all-time desert island formula – it combines a luxurious, cashmere-soft texture and delicious essential oils with ultra-potent rejuvenating actives, including firming peptides, skin-regenerating vitamin A, and a revolutionary active called Renovage™ that actually prolongs the life span of skin cells. Your other choice would be Platinum Stem Cell Elixir, concentrated with a collagen-stimulating tripeptide and two plant stem cells that trigger cell turnover and improve texture and elasticity. A weekly microneedling treatment with my Meso-Melt Infusion System will also supercharge skin repair and renewal. 

Overnight Facial Serum - Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Platinum Stem Cell Facial Elixir - Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Meso Melt Infusion System Skinesis Sarah Chapman London

Finally, daily SPF is absolutely vital to keep skin looking healthy and youthful. UV exposure causes 90% of skin ageing, including wrinkles and hyperpigmentation (uneven patches of dark skin). My Skin Insurance formulas deliver ultra-high protection, but feel featherweight on the skin – you can choose between my new Invisible formula, which is ideal for all skin tones and for wearing beneath makeup, or the Perfecting Tint options, which subtly even out and perfect the skin’s appearance. 

Skin Insurance SPF 50 Invisible | Skinesis Sarah Chapman London


Skin Insurance SPF 30 Moisturiser - Sarah Chapman Skinesis

Your Meso-Melt Infusion System has been given rave reviews. Tell us about the benefits of micro needling and the SC treatment. 

Microneedling is one of the most popular and effective rejuvenating treatments available – it stimulates the skin’s healing mechanisms and boosts collagen production, revealing a visibly firmer, smoother and younger-looking appearance. The process also enables active ingredients from any other skincare products you apply to penetrate more easily through the microchannels in the skin for faster and better results. 

My Meso-Melt Infusion System goes beyond traditional microneedling to offer even greater benefits: the unique dissolving needling tips are made from a trio of firming peptides and plumping hyaluronic acid. Towards the end of the treatment, these needles dissolve within the micro-channels they have created, releasing their potent rejuvenating actives at a depth of 0.2mm for dramatic results. The dissolving needles also make the device perfect for newcomers to microneedling, as they remove the need for sterilisation, and reduce the risk of overstimulating the skin. 

Meso Melt Infusion System Skinesis Sarah Chapman London

Summer is round the corner, where is your fav holiday destination?

It’s difficult to choose – any holiday sounds amazing at the moment! If I could go away right now, I would seek some sun. I love Italy and have many fond memories of Capri, where I spent many trips working with the wellness team at the Capri Palace and enjoying the beautiful island; so charming and chic. We’re lucky to have Europe so close with so many great destinations; my last trip was to Sicily. Another place I have been to more than once is Montenegro – it’s so unspoilt and has an amazing coastline. At other times of the year I prefer to travel further afield and love the culture of Asia, having been to Japan, Korea, Thailand and Hong Kong. A Thai island or the Maldives also seem rather appealing right now!

What do you wear on holiday?

This really depends on the destination and the weather – however in general, I tend to go quite relaxed in style, with lots of layers and pieces that all work together and can be interchanged. I generally wear flat shoes so that I’m able to race around and sight-see. I also always take a big hat and sunglasses to protect against sun damage. 

Favourite book?

At home I mostly read dermatology books and research papers! If I’m on holiday I’ll pick up a fun novel at the airport and disappear into that for a few days, alternatively inspiring business books when I get bored of the romance! 

Favourite music artist?

I usually listen to different playlists on Spotify depending on my mood, from jazz to Ibiza chill out mixes or pop.

Favourite food?

Easy…freshly caught grilled fish on a beach. 

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