Travel to Portugal

Hello Everyone
How are we doing? Whilst things are far from normal I hope you felt the benefits of some sunshine and a little freedom. I have been travelling a few times in the last few weeks. Once before the new travel restrictions were imposed and just now I’m in the midst of a five day quarantine. On both occasions I visited Portugal. The first to shoot high summer and the second to have a little rest and relaxation. 
I’m a lover of travel and whilst I fully respect the guidelines one has to adhere to, I thought I would give you an insight from the horses mouth so to speak that might encourage you to travel.
Prior to to my travel I had to have a PCR test. Yes these can be really expensive but there are less expensive options out there. My local private doctor provides you with a certificate that is recognised by all airlines. This one costs £150. Ryanair (I know, the Satan of all airlines however......) have a partnership with a pharmaceutical company, Randox, and they have really reasonable packages that offer packages for all testing prior to travel, post return travel and post arrival home travel. If you book with them all information is on their site. I am not sure if the tests they offer are recognised by BA, Easy Jet etc.
In order to board the flight to Portugal, you must show a negative PCR test. This is checked as you check in. Upon arrival in Portugal I was not asked to show this. 2 days prior to departure from Portugal back to the UK you are instructed to take a medically approved Antigen test. There are many outlets offering this. I booked mine with Vale do Lobo Medical Centre website but there are a great many options. The cost was 69 euro. I waited 10 mins to get my result and was given a form to take with me which I showed at check in. When I checked in on line I had to complete the Govt. Locator form and could only check in once I had uploaded by proof of purchase for the rapid response test. Now home I am required to take 2 tests which come by mail and I can return by mail.
I should add I am double vaccinated.
Whilst in Portugal, you are free to move around with ease. Yes, you required to wear a face mask but sitting in restaurants etc you are not required to wear a face mask.
The Portuguese are dying to welcome you. The beaches have never looked better and in my view it is absolutely worth the effort that is if you can quarantine. Should anyone have any questions, please ask. Also important to add, I am not boot legging and working for the Portuguese Govt. on the side - hahaha!  My intentions are purely intended to alleviate possible fears.
Rae xxx