Lie back, Lockdown and Lounge - The Great Indoors

Well here we are again. Lockdown. I'm not going to harp on about it. It is what it is and hopefully it will be sufficiently impactful and allow a little more freedom throughout the festive period. 

For us at RF HQ, we are "Business as Usual". We have staggered furlough so that the team are not all in the office together thus protecting each other and our families. The office is fully manned and we are hoping to launch "chat" in the short term so we can aid you with any queries you might have. I am also planning to do a few style sessions over the next weeks and obviously we are always on hand to help with Christmas Gifting.

So what are we all wearing at the moment? The truth... as I write it is midday and I'm still in my pyjamas. I fully intend to get dressed at some point - not sure of timings. Our New Palm Print PJ's bottoms and the Organic Oversized Hoodie are stuck to me. I have 2 sets and they get rotated.  

We are still waiting for deliveries. COVID has meant that our drops have been a little erratic. Knitwear is due to land next week and the long awaited super size scarves will drop mid next week.

Our sweats have been so wonderfully received, I could not be happier. The Hareem Pant and the Phoebe Sweatshirt (complimentary monogramming on all orders if you choose) sold out in 3 days. They are on preorder and should land by 2nd week December. I should add that they are coming in other colours for launch in Feb - right now planning February drop. Both designs are a great shape and the resounding comments from customers is that they are loving how soft the fabric is. Super super cosy.


A few years ago we featured a cable knit poncho. It was one of our top sellers.and so after numerous email requests we have relaunched the Poppy Poncho. It is 100% so soft Lambswool. It looks so good with jeans or joggers. Oversized and super chic. It will see you though Winter and Spring. It is ageless so for all of you with daughters, I guarantee they will steal it! Should also add that they make the most wonderful presents. I added them to my list of "Keepers" - you will wear it forever.

The latest addition to my "Brands We Love" - Florence Bridge! Florence makes the most beautiful Mongolian Sheepskin Gilets and Collars. I bought one many years ago and I wear it endlessly. It is sure to liven up any outfit. Wear over a sweat, our bell sleeve sweater or the simplest of dresses and it looks so great. A little hippy perhaps but in my book hippy is cool!

One way for all those who are on zoom calls, wear your sweat pants and add one of our new shirts - the pleated shirts in Butter Crepe are lovely. So comfortable and really versatile. For maximum versatility, add a sequin collar and liven up a classic shirt for a party.


Enough about RF, what is everyone reading and watching? Please send suggestions. I have just watch "Queens Gambit" on Netflix - Anya Taylor-Joy is off the scale brilliant! Well worth a watch. For those of you who play Chess, get practicing. It is going to be the next big trend.


My book of choice is one to keep by your bed is one introduced to me by my Mum who bought 10 copies after reading it and sent it to all the people she loves. I read a chapter every night - Oprah Winfrey's What I Know For Sure. It's wholesome, easy and good for the soul. 

I want to introduce you to a friends new venture. Rocket Catering has just launched "A Cooks Tour".

Basically you order the ingredients and tune in to a live cooking show that allows you to cook the dishes together. Last night was a Taste of Istanbul - it was a sold out when I tried to enrol however, I have bought the next episode - Balinese Cuisine on the 19th November. I've just noticed that they are offering a discount on your first order. Great thing to do a family.

See more here:

Finally, I want to give a shout out to It is a company founded by a mother and daughter and basically they have created a brand producing 100% female hygiene products.  It is utterly brilliant and I want the world to know about them.  No plastic, 100% organic. I could go on about it all day but have a look at their website. They have left no stone unturned when it comes to all things female care and you can see which is screamingly evident, they are passionate about what they have created.

That's all from me for now. Have a great weekend and shout if you need any help.

Big hug

Rae xx