My Beauty Travel Essentials

A few years ago, I would silently boast to myself how low maintenance I was when it came to time and money spent on beauty products. My mother wears little to no make up and her daily regime has barely changed from when I was a child. Soap, water and Ponds cold cream... well maybe not Ponds but a high street chemist offer of the day. She is very lucky and has stood the test of time with true grace and good genes.  Beautiful advertising and social media awoke my senses quite late in life... and perhaps the hope of taking a few years off my face. These are my go to pieces. Tried and tested...

I know facial brushes have been around for a while but this one combined with the Mary Kay Facial wash are a dream team. I brush religiously every morning and night and my skin feels so squeaky clean, bright and tight. Here's a video.

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Argon Oil is something I can not live without. I use it like the Father  in Big Fat Greek Wedding used Windex... if in doubt apply Argon oil. I use it on dry skin, dry hair, my face, my feet... I bought this one from a street vendor in Tunisia but I have also used this one which I bought from Amazon.

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Sisley skin skincare is like no other. It is outstanding... They understand the sun and they understand the importance of sun care. Their Tanning Cream, I have used it for years - it is amazing - it works... a couple of applications and you look perfectly sun kissed!

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We've recently partnered with Sisley Paris UK on a marketing collaboration and I got to try some amazing new products from there Super Soin range. See them below...

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I do not leave the house without foundation. I feel bare without it and I only wear one with high SPF. This one from Studio 10 is incredible. Its has formulated for the more mature skin and leaves a really flawless finish.

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I have recently been introduced to this Chanel bronzer - it is amazing. Goes on beautifully and looks very natural.

For eyes I always wear a waterproof mascara and to brighten my eyes up this earthy palate from Chanel.

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Finally, I don't leave home without a little bottle of CBD oil - this is the best I have tried.


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I used perfumes really difficult. I wore Chanel Mademoiselle forever but slightly fell out of love with it after 20 years of wearing it every day. Others I tried sometimes made me feel claustrophobic. I was in a restaurant in Paris about six years ago and the lady next to me smelt so good. I had to ask... she was wearing Molecule 01 and I ordered it the next morning and haven't looked back. I can not smell it on myself but i get stopped in the street when I wear it. For something a little more feminine I wear La Labo Bergamot - it's so unique.

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