Brands We Love: In conversation with Votary

I sit down with co-founder Arabella Preston to discuss her skincare routine, what's in store for Votary in 2020 and how to better your skin care routine.

Tell me a little about Votary

Votary started out at my kitchen table when I began blending facial oils for my make-up clients - we've come a long way since those humble beginnings and have created a range of plant powered skincare that is loved by all ages, all around the world! 

Our best-selling products are our Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil - beloved for its make-up melting efficacy and Super Seed Facial Oil, a unique blend of 22 seed oils that is fragrance free and so nourishing and comforting on the skin. 


What is your daily cleansing routine?

Votary cleansing oils are truly transformational. They are always the first product I hand to someone when they are starting their Votary journey.

In the mornings I use two pumps of Rose Geranium Cleansing Oil to gently exfoliate the night away and leave a really flawless base for make-up.

In the evening I usually use Super Seed Cleansing Oil as a cleansing mask by applying 3-4 pumps to my skin then letting it work its magic while I wallow in a hot bath.


What is your preference; oil or cream moisturiser, and why?

I use both, but in desert island situation I'd choose a facial oil. They are just so easy to use and never clog my skin. They are more lightweight than creams and don't require any preservatives or filler ingredients, so you are just getting the pure dose of plant oils to the skin.

Of all the ingredients that go into your product - what is your hero ingredient?

I am really excited about CBD and its potential uses. CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and can be really effective on sensitive skin. We've used it in our Super Boost Night Drops and the feedback from customers has been wonderful. Contrary to popular opinion, CBD has zero psychoactive properties!





Body skin care - what are your top tips?

Exfoliate twice a week and smooth an oil into slightly damp skin after washing. Always treat your neck and chest in the same way you do your face and never harsh scrubs on your chest.


What's in store for Votary in 2020?

Some really exciting new product launches. Our Super Seed Serum has just launched - it is THE serum for sensitive skin. Then we have our Super Glow Mask in the Spring and a new Intense Overnight Mask in Autumn - 2020 is the year of the mask for Votary! 

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