Travel Club : The Greek Islands

Hello Everyone
I hope you are all well and enjoying lighter mornings and longer evenings.
I could not be more thrilled to present new collections. New summer pieces that hopefully your wardrobe will love for a very long time. 
Another new collection has just launched today and we are well and truly off to the beach! Have a look when you get a moment.
On another exciting note, we have just launched The RF Travel Club. Lovely relaxed conversations with guest speakers who are experts in various holiday destinations. Last week and our first was Greece and we spoke to someone I have followed on instagram for as long as I can remember, Katerina Katapis-Lykiardopulo - her photos are incredible. Her secret hideaway islands - true escapism.
So here goes...
1. A little about you
I work in the hospitality industry and have been part of the team behind some of the country’s premier luxury destinations,  introducing the concept of branded residences in Greece, for projects such as Amanzoe. Traveling is a way of life: I am constantly exploring, meeting new people, learning about their customs and cultures, but always come back home because to me, there is no place like Greece.  My favourite season is summer and am definitely a sea-person. I am a passionate marathon-runner, aviator and amateur photographer - and very  honoured and humbled to have recently worked with Assouline on a book on the Greek Islands. 
Greek Islands
2. where do you holiday
I spent my childhood summers in Corfu and Chalkidiki. Now, every year, with my husband, we spend a month or so cruising around the Greek Islands and we choose a different ‘cluster’ every year. There are of course some places we try to go back to every year.The rest of the summer we spend in the area of Porto Heli -across from Spetses- at our summer house. 
3. Top 5 fav islands 
(I could easily name Top 10!)
  • Milos - Kimolos - Polyaigos
  • Kastellorizo
  • Tinos
  • Ithaca
  • Small Cyclades, esp. Schoinoussa

4. fav greek food
Very thinly sliced fried zucchini, fresh tomato salad and anything raw fresh from the sea with lemon, eg sea urchins 
5. fav beach
Too many to name, but I love:
  • Elafonisos, off southern Peloponnese
  • Pori Beach in Koufonisia (the Aegean swimming pool)
  • Balos in Crete
  • Egkremni in Lefkada
  • Prassa in Kimolos
  • Kavourotrypes in Chalkidiki

6. most cultural/interesting island
Every island is different and has its own special ’something’.
  • Corfu for its Venetian history, 17 Philharmonic Orchestras and splendid Asian Art Museum
  • Syros for its Apollo Theatre created in 1864, its cultural festival, cosmopolitan grandeur and stunning neoclassical mansions
  • Leros for its art deco buildings, neoclassical mansions and fascinating history

7. a little about Athens
Athens has truly evolved into the most exciting and vibrant city, perfect for a weekend break or stopover en route to the Greek Islands. Even as a Greek who lives there, I often go to the Acropolis and the magnificent Acropolis Museum, and every day I run in the center of town amidst thousands of years of history. There is a thriving art scene, fabulous local artisanal shops waiting to be discovered and a gastronomic boom to satisfy all taste buds. Endless museums, beaches nearby, excellent shopping. Watch the sunset from either the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion or from Lycabettus Hill overlooking the Acropolis and walk on the footsteps of thousands of years of history!
I hope you enjoyed that. Please feel free to reach out and ask any questions.
Next RF Travel Club is Portugal - date TBC but probably the 4th May.
Have a great week.
Lots of LOVE
Rae xx