Easter Entertaining

Hello Everyone! x

Easter.....how did that happen?! January lasted forevvvverrrr and then BLINK, its Easter!

This is an Easter that will never be forgotten. For many, it will be dreadfully sad as they can not be with their friends/family/loved ones. For those of you with your family, it might be a wonderfully bonding time wherein you get to spend real quality time together without any distractions. Whatever the case, I wish you the happiest that it can be xx

I've been to the supermarket this morning and it was full of Easter props - really cute... I'm inspired!!!! Also masses of fresh flowers on offer.


These little chaps (£3.99) came from Lidl.

Yesterday I took the bold step to do my first ever IGTV. I did it with my sister Helen Turkington Helen is an interior designer, based in Dublin and is the queen of accessorizing.  The Easter/Christmas table is planned months before and setting the table can start many days in advance.

We talked about flowers, bunnies, eggs... all things Easter. Helen did 2 tables, one organic/ relaxed and another more formal. She has also sent me some images of other bits and pieces she is using to "Easter up" their family home.

The Organic table. You can adapt however you wish. I personally love a little colour and unlike many, I'm a fan of daffodils. To me, they demonstrate the first signs of the end of Winter, longer days and warmer nights.  I also adore herbs and fruit used in table dressing - I love these little basil pots and lemons.


This idea is lovely - you can use all sorts of fruit. Oranges and lemons look so good!




This is so simple to achieve - hard-boiled egg with a napkin tied around it with gingham ribbon - could be cute with little faces drawn on the egg.


The second table is more formal. These adorable bunnies are from Dunnes Stores.


Helen's daughters attempted dying eggs but it didn't work very well. These ones are painted I believe. You can also use Chocolate ones.

The table cloth is fabric from Helen's shop but you could easily use a plain white tablecloth or another colour.


The name place Bunnies were a garland that Helen cut up however these could easily be made from felt or paper.

I hope you get a few ideas/inspiration from this. Send me pics!!!!! PLEASE!

Sending you all a BIG BIG HUG!!!!

Rae xxx