Formula 1 fuelled my passion for travel 

"I was the luckiest girl in the world in that I started my working career in Formula One. 17 races a year, 17 different counties, 17 different adventures – thus begun my passion for travel. Whilst on the F1 circuit my favourite races were Montreal. Montreal was given the title of Canada’s culture capital by Monocle magazine last year, I totally concur. Since Cartier landed here in 1535, Montreal has evolved from a tiny village to a major metropolis. Old Montreal's Parisian-style streets are a wonderful place to wander—stop at an intimate bistro or sidewalk café for a taste of Europe. But in addition to all the old-fashioned elegance, you'll also find a vibrant dining and club scene that reflects contemporary Montreal's culturally diverse population. Really worth a visit – its heaven!!

As a family we have holidayed in Portugal for many years. The beaches in the Algarve are quite spectacular, big white sandy beaches and the roaring Atlantic which gives it an instant energy that perhaps the Med doesn’t allow. Top tip, don’t ever go to the beach without something to wrap up in – our lightweight cashmere scarves are perfect. Even in summer it can get a bit nippy.  Up until a few years ago the beach restaurants were corrugated iron roofed shacks. Chefs would grill freshly caught fish under a  canopy in front of you  served with a few new potatoes and a wonderful tomato salad. Washed down with a local rose, nothing tasted better. These still exist however lots of smarter beach restaurants have opened, all serving delicious food. Portugal offers a little something for everyone…

Recently I visited New Delhi on a fact finding adventure. What a city! It is mad, crazy, fast and furious. Rarely have I felt that level of energy anywhere else. Horrific traffic but its par of the course and everyone accepts that just the way it is. The people are so friendly, warm and welcoming. All the major hotel chains have presence in the city and upon entering these places a calm comes over you that you will never experience anywhere else. The city is not for the faint hearted, its dog eat dog but its awesome and on my top 10 travel absolutely must do’s….

Our Spring summer collection is well under way and like the winter collection, comfort in travel is a major consideration for us. Great kaftans, lovely linens and heavenly lightweight knits. Watch this space."

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